Cow Hygenic

Barn for breeding and welfare milk animals


Kalyan - Happy cow produces more


Background :-

  • Dairy market in India is endless.
  • The huge industry does not allow the development of set up use.
  • The need for change is clear, but the direction is not clear.
  • What is a useful product for rural farming?
  • There should be a coalition of needs and prospects of the settlement market players.
  • Plant processing, cooperatives and the union contribute significantly to the development of all sectors.

Main idea:

Modern barns up to 100 cows, in which cows can be welfare and have the technology needed to increase milk production of local cows.

Barns for the welfare and fertility of milk animals:

  • Individual mechanical milk powder system for measuring milk
  • Heat manger and welder monitoring system 

Use :

  • Sheep tank for milk stock
  • Use of sheath method instead of cows
  • Hammer management and analysis
  • Connectivity and monitoring system from the headquarters
  • Use of monitoring system from farm to headquarters


  • Expensive and effective solution
  • Upgradation of cow's welfare and reproduction
  • Advanced milking method
  • Headquarter supervision and expanded services?
  • Organized Professional Training and Organizing Individual Farmers?
  • Increase in efficiency with the inclusion of individual farmers?
  • Cooperative / Plant / Farmers / Tribal All Benefits

Cow project Fully Automatic

Description Cost
Milking parlor 1 x 6 with automation and software support + 100 Padometers 50,00,000=00
Ventillation Fans, Model : Van 1220 5=nos. 2,10,000=00
TMR Mixer Wagon 6 Cubic Meter WITH LOADER 21,50,000=00
Fogging System as per shed, complete with Filters, Pipe, Timer etc 1,05,000=00
Water Drinking Trough, without Frame 2,20,000=00
Bulk Milk Cooler Capacity 2000 Ltr. 7,50,000=00
Tractor Mounted Scrapper Hot Dip Galvanized 45,000=00
Hydroponics Machine 2,20,000=00
Automatic Cow Brushes 18,00,000=00
Construction Cost 80,00,000=00
100 cow cost 65,00,000=00
Total 2,50,00,000=00

Financial Projection for Automated Hygienic Barn Fro 100 Cows

Requirement Cost
100HF or Desi (Preferable) Cows 80,00,000=00
2 Acer Land Cleaned and Leveled 65,00,000=00
No High tention line in surround of 1 km 1,50,00,000=00
Should be out of Village 2,50,00,000=00
Continue Water Availability
2 Skilled Worker - Rs. 10,000 per Month
5 Unskilled Worker - Rs. 7,000 per Month
25% Margin Money for Bank Loan 62,50,000=00

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