Gober Gas Plant


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It Generate gas and electricity from Cow dung.

Bio-Gas Plant

  • Fireplace(ISI) Double burner(SS)
  • Booster pumps
  • Pipe-inlet and outlet
  • Two cubic meter plant - 4500 liter
  • Expanse phanal
  • Gas valve
  • Dain valve
  • 30 meter pipe
  • Lighter
  • Brass Material

Area of land for the gas plant to be fitted

6 feet in diameter and 3.5 - to 4-feet deep pit required
(full care management will be given by company.)

  • Cow dung gas plant cost 21,000.
  • After Order 30 days later fitting
  • The two animals will be mandatory / Two months will be two to three bottles
  • Demo will be shown (It is fitting to place it on the spot)
  • The Cow dung gas plant will create up to 25 million

Slary separator

  • Biogas burners of all types Stove Canteen burner is available
  • Storage tank is available for biogas storage from 2m3 to 200 cu
  • Storage tank of 2 cubic meters to 200 cubic meters is available for biogas storage
  • Slary separator mens is available to make dry fertilizer by biogas slary
  • PSA SYSTEM is available for making CNG from biogas
  • Anti-corrosive coating facility is also available on the tank of MS of new and old biogas.
  • 2hp, 5hp, 7.5hp, food waste cursor is available
  • 1.5kva, 5kva, 7.5kva 10kva, 15kva generator is available for making electricity from biogas
  • Biogas pumps are also available for empty and filling biogas storage tank.
  • Pump only with storage tank

Gober Gas Plant

Guide Book for Gobar Gas Plant

The details about producing gas for domestic use based on animal dung bio gas plant which depends on the capacity of the ready to fit Gobar Gas Plant.
capacity of the plant Daily need of animal dung No. of persons for whom daily food is cooked Selling price of the Plant(Rs)
2 square meter 50 kg 7 to 8 21,000
3 square meter 70 kg 8 to 12 25,000
5 square meter 100 kg 19 to 24 45,000
10 square meter 200kg 32 to 40 90,000
15 square meter 300kg 50 to 60 1,25,000
25 square meter 450 kg 90 to 100 2,10,000
50 square meter 1000kg 180 to 200 4,00,000
100 square meter 2000kg 300 to 350 7,15,000

Business partners are to be appointed District wise.

(Total care will be provided by the Management Company)
Fitting after 30 days of placing the order.
Demonstration will be given (At the place of Plant fitting)
Commercial Gobar Gas Plant can be installed
The civil work for Plant above 5 square meters should be done by the client.
Mo: 70439 61734

Biogas Plant

What is biogas?

The creation of waste in the absence of oxygen in the exhaust is known as biogas. It is also known as cow dung gas. Biogas from 50 to 60 percent methane, 40 percent carbon dioxide and hydrogen, is a mixture of gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Biogas use at home

Biogas can be easily used in cooking. Biogas is safe to use at home, Cooking from biogas is faster. As the organic manure in biogas plants yield is found. The organic fertilizers used in farm land increases yields. There may be a reduction in the harmful effects of chemical manure.

Flexible biogas plant capacity:

2 m3(70 ft 3) biogas plant to generate biogas can do the following things:

  • Excreta: 60 kg per day, cows and other animals, excrement, droppings of chickens, ducks.
  • Food waste: Cooked 40 kg per day, home, hotel, cafe, grocery store and the remaining from other sources and worst in vegetables, fruits, and foodstuffs.

Economic glance flexible biogas plant

2 m3(70 ft 3) biogas plant to generate biogas can do the following things:

  • There is no cost to buy waste used in biogas plants.
  • Low maintenance, Less expenses.
  • Biogas is used in cooking, so that the gas can be saved up to 2 LPG cylinders per month
  • Organic fertilizer is sold at the price of a liter of biogas plants.
  • Biogas plant cost will be recovered in 6-8 months.

Advantages of biogas

Financial benefits

Biogas plant produced gas and fertilizer sale Or use of the many financial benefits. Kerosene, diesel, gas cylinders, wood, coal, chemical fertilizer consumption is the saving of money.

Waste disposal and Cleanliness

2m3 biogas plant, 100 kg of waste a day. Annual disposal can be up to 18.250 kg. In rural areas of rubbish disposal hygiene is maintained

Land increases yields

Depending on the type of biological waste is produced every day, approximately 80-100 liters of organic fertilizers. Annual production is approximately 29.200 to 36.500 liters. The liquid organic fertilizers Nitrogen, Phosphorus and poteshyam excess dose increases the ability of the land to be used in its making.

Healthy Life

Chemical fertilizer use on crops produced is less than the power to fight human diseases. -Respiratory, lung and eye disease prevent. -As the yield from biogas plants using organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers can be used.

Healthy children and empower women

The trees are defending the use of biogas so may increase fruit production. Fruit production, the use of biogas and Children can be grown in a clean environment and women's health. The women who go to the forest to cut wood is cooking them too much flexibility can be found in biogas

Environmental Protection

Cloth waste water due to pollution and nuisance mosquitoes, is preventable. Petrol, diesel, wood, coal, much like the powerhouse of the use of environmentally damaging. Land excavation and cutting trees also has arisen from the global warming problem. Due to changes in temperature, irregular rainy season and there are many harmful mutations. The use of biogas can lead to a significant reduction in the consumption of other powerhouse so Damage to the environment may hang.

Environmental Protection

Carbon emissions are lower.10 tonnes per year could be saved.

Flexible biogas plant

New Jersey, United States SPRE Research Center in Edison after years of work uniforms positioned legacy of the modern biogas plant biogas plant is full of defects. Excellent quality at a low price and getting a flexible biogas plant are made from high density polithin. Biogas plant to be employed to adjust the shape of a bubble and do not require any skilled artisan or laborer. Brick-cement and does not require any civil construction. The plant could interfere with any normal man. Customers who use Flexibility. Biogas plant is a specialty booster pump so get cooking gas pressure. A number of countries are working successfully in the biogas plant.

Compared to regular benefits of flexible biogas plants

One day adjustment, while the regular biogas plant takes 3-4 months.

  • The cost is much less than the KVIC plant.
  • Experience and does not require skilled labor.
  • Biogas gas pressure booster pump delivers.

How is biogas produced?

In Biogas plants agricultural waste, plant parts, animal manure, food waste and water mixture is filled by slurry. Rot in in the absence of air in the slurry from the biogas is produced.in the bio gas plant, By pipeline from the biogas and biogas-stove in the kitchen is taken to.so, The use of biogas as a fuel for cooking food are made. As the organic manure biogas plant yield is obtained..

The benefits of biogas

Biogas plants can play a major role in keeping villages clean. Animal excrement, poultry - ducks of the droppings, human faeces, from which energy can be created by using agricultural waste. Biogas energy use petrol, kerosene, and other energy sources can be replaced. So is saving money. Biogas cut trees will stay so in the interests of environmental work.