Hydrophocs Machine

Hydroponics means fodder grown with the help of sand, gravel or water with added nutrients but without soil; the science of growing fodder in a room with sunlight but without land is called hydroponics. There are many benefits of growing fodder by hydroponics like the biggest benefit being that you can grow grass without land but providing nutrition to the plants with the help of nutrients added to water. As a result of this method the plants grow faster, you get enough quantity of fodder; you find less of pests and epidemics in the plants and the nutritious value of the fodder is maintained throughout the year. By providing animal fodder of a steady nutritious value, you can have more milk production and increase in fats. By growing this type of grass fodder, during scarcity, dangers, climatic changes, loss due to parasites, servant for cutting grass, labor problems, transportation charges for taking the grass from the farm to the dairy and the need for a chaff cutter etc exist no more. The corn green cobs grown in the courtyards of farmers by hydroponic method have given positive results. By feeding the domestic animals with such fodder, there is a direct saving of grains. One opinion says that by giving this fodder there is an increase of 1 to 2 liters of milk with a considerable increase in fats as well. An improvement in reproduction is also noticed. This type of fodder gets ready in a week. By using hydroponic method, around 1000 kgs of green grass can be produced by using 150 kgs of corn grains. By growing green grass as per daily need, the business of dairy farming can set a beautiful example.

The benefits of hydroponics:

  • Saves usage of land.
  • Saves water usage.
  • Saves expenses on animal food.
  • Totally self operated.
  • Production of animal food with steady nutritious value throughout the year without delay.
  • Improvement in conceiving capacity in animals, more immunity and good health.
  • Nearly 60% decrease in carbon credit.
  • Free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers and 100% organic fodder.
  • Less need of operators and laborers.
  • Equal production in all seasons, favorable to all environments.
  • Easy to digest by the animals and hence increases milk production.
  • Apart from the fodder, the need for animal food grains decreases.


Greentech hydroponic units which produce animal food full of nutrition And is the only unit which is tested by ICAR (Indian Agriculture Research Council)

ICAR – GO (Indian Agriculture Research council) has observed animal food produced from corn grains in our plant. The scientists there found that the animal food produced by hydroponic method from corn is much more nutritious than the fodder produced by common methods. Animal food produced by hydroponic method is also easy to digest.

Uses: For people doing animal husbandry, farmers, milk co operatives, cowsheds, dairy farming and for animal sheds hydroponic units are very useful and beneficial and is the only technology which provides the daily need for animal food with less space needed, less maintenance expenses and more production.

Other uses: Our units are useful for the production of sprouted pulses and green healthy wheat grains produced in mass quantity which is very useful in naturopathy and child growth.

The capacity of hydroponic machines:

serial Model number Tentative size Quantity of production of fodder in a week
1 GT – 150 kg 9 x 5 x 10 feet For 10 to 12 animals
2 GT – 300 kg 8 x 10 x 10 feet For 20 to 25 animals
3 GT – 600 kg 19 x 10 x 10 feet For 40 to 50 animals
4 GT – 900 kg 25 x 10x 10 feet For 80 to 90 animals

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