Pearl Training Center

Pearl is a natural gem which is produced in oysters. There is an increased demand for pearls everywhere including India, but due to exploitation and pollution, it is decreasing in numbers. To fulfil the domestic demand, India is importing pearls in heavy quantity from the international market every year. The technique to make fresh pearls from oysters of fresh water has developed which are found in a large quantity all over the country.

Any individual wanting to start Pearl Farming has the opportunity of becoming the companies training centre. The company envisages to provide training to 80 to 100 people on the monthly basis with a revenue sharing module for the training centre as well as demo centre.

Training by the City Group

  • Registration
  • Introduction
  • Collection of clamshells
  • The method of putting them in the bag after operation.
  • The method of putting them in the pond.
  • The method of making designer pearls.
  • The method of making the nucleus of a round pearl.
  • The method of inserting the design in the shells and discussion on all these factors.

Next Day

  • The method of making tissue
  • The method of inserting nucleus in the clamshell by operation
  • Discussion on water
  • Discussion and method for fish like Rohu, Katla, margal for the reproduction of clamshells.

Training and demo on pearl farming information

Information about pearls:

  • 2 hours - basic information (uses, benefit, investment and legible discount)
  • 2 days - complete information (with all technical details)

Information about pearls:

  • Consulting: the consulting on pearl farming will be of the company
  • Raw material: Will be provided by the company. The cost of the raw material will be decided as per the timing and circumstances. (cost: 15 rupees per each clamshell) Care of the pearl farm by the company
  • For farm with 2000 clamshells 1 visit will be paid every 2 months.
  • For farm with 5000 or more clamshells 1 visit will be paid every month.
  • You can sell the ready produce directly in the market. This depends on the shape, looks and color of the pearls.
  • It is necessary to consult the informed person of the company for the selection of the place

Pearl Training Center Images

Please feel free to ask any question.