Prawns Farming Over the years Aquaculture in India has evolved from a subsistence and backyard ac vity to that of a technology driven commercial and profitable venture. India is now second in world aquaculture produc on next to China. The es mated brackish water area suitable for undertaking shrimp cul┬Áva on in India is around 11.91 lacks hectors land has spread over 10 states and union territories viz. West Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, Goa.


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The Bio-Floc Technology

Bio-floc system was developed to improve the environmental control over the aqua c animal produc on. In aquaculture, the strong influen al factors are the feed cost (accoun ng to 60% of the total produc on cost) and most limi ng factor is the water/land availability. High Stocking Density and rearing of Aqua c Animals requires wastewater treatment. Bio-floc system is a wastewater treatment which has gained vital importance as an approach in aquaculture.

The principle of this technique is the genera on of nitrogen cycle by maintaining higher C: N ra o through s mula ng heterotrophic microbial growth, which assimilates the nitrogenous waste that can be exploited by the cultured spices as a feed.


Bio-floc Culture System

  • Eco-friendly culture system.
  • It reduces environmental impact.
  • Improves land and water use e ciency.
  • Limited or zero water exchange.
  • Higher produc vity (It enhances survival rate, growth performance, feed conversion in the culture systems of fish).
  • Higher Bio-Security.
  • Reduces water pollu on and the risk of introduc on and spread of pathogens.
  • Cost-e ec ve feed produc on.
  • It reduces u liza on of protein rich feed and cost of standard feed.
  • It reduces the pressure on capture fisheries i.e.., use of cheaper food fish and trash fish for fish feed formula on

Main Points for Prawns Farming

  • Site selec on.
  • Topography and clima c condi on.
  • Water quality and management.
  • Tank design and construc on.
  • Hi-Tech Bio Security.
  • Tank management.
  • Seed selec on.
  • Seeding process.
  • Feed
  • Feeding process.
  • Harves ng.
  • Quality control.
  • A ractabiliy.

100000 Litres 50000 Litres

Sr. No Item Units Total cost Total cost
A Capital Cost
1 Cost of Tank (100000 Litre * Rs. 3 Per Litre) --- 3,00,000/- 1,50,000/-
2 Power generator + room for genset with all required accessories like cables, switches, etc --- As available As available
3 Motors, pumps, valves and pipes --- As Available As Available
4 Lab equipments (pH meter, DO meter, Conductivity meter, utilities, etc) --- 10,000/- 10,000/-
5 Net materials (drag net, scoop net, plankton net, hapas, etc) 1 10,000/- 10,000/-
6 Aerator / Root Blower 1 25,000/- 20,000/-
Capital Cost (A) - 345000/- 1,90,000k
B Variable Cost
1 Cost of Shrimp Seeds (0.70 Paisa*1 Lakh Seeds ) --- 70,000/- 35,000/-
2 Fish Feed ( 2000Icg * Rs.70/- per kg) - 1,40,000/- 70,000/-
3 Probiotics --- 45000/- 25,000/-
Total Variable Cost(B) 255000/- 1,30,000/-
(A + B) 600000/- 3,20,000/-
C Sale (2400kg* Rs. 380/Kg) --- 912000/- 4,56,000/-
D Profit --- 312000/- 1,36,000/-

1,00,000/- Ltr.

Fixed Cost Variable Cost Sale Profit
1. Crop 345000/- 255000/- 912000/- 312000/-
2nd Crop --- 255000/- 912000/- 657000/-
3rd Crop --- 255000/- 912000/-- 657000/-

50,000/- Ltr.

Fixed Cost Variable Cost Sale Profit
1. Crop 1,90,000/- 1,36,000/- 4,56,000/- 1,36,000/-
2nd Crop --- 1,36,000/- 4,56,000/- 3,20,000/-
3rd Crop --- 1,36,000/- 4,56,000/- 3,20,000/-

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