Terms & Conditions

Dear Sir,
I/we hereby apply for project stated below. The amount payable on apllication as shown below is Order Taken charges herewith. I/we hereby agree to accept the terms & Conditions for the order applied and other applicable laws . I/we undertakethat I/we will sign all such other documents and do all such acts. I/we note that the project head are entitled in their absolute descrition to accept or reject this application in whole or in part without assigning any reason thereof. I am / we are Indian National(s) resident in India.
  • (1) cheque(s)/ Demand Draft(S) Must be drawn in Favour of City Smart Agrotech Producer Company Limited P.C.I Payable at Navsari, Guj.
  • (2) Customer Should mentain his Full name Complete address and pincode on the reverse of the instrument ie. cheque / Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque.
  • (3) Receipt bearing the facsimile signatory of the signature authorised signatory shall be valid no other receipt shall be valid or binding on C.S.A.P.C.L. Ltd.
  • (4) The C.S.A.P.C.L. Ltd Reserve the right to refuse an application without assalgining any reason.
  • (5) The Manager of Company hereby reserves the alter to discontinue / Change / amend / modify and after and of the rules / regulations and change sale plans and introduce new sale plans any time at it’s sole discretions with or without any notice, Whatsoever.
  • (6) Those applicants, Who are unable to put their signature on Applications, Other documents & Paper shall invariably put hand Thumb impression which shall be daly identified by the concerned consultant.
  • (7) A project may be assigned in favor of another person at the risk and initiation of the project holder Notice of Assignment Should Submitted on the respective branch.
  • (8) Company is responsible for the supply of Raw Material, Machinery, and Training.For day to day operation company is not at all Responsible.
  • (9) All payments or part of payments made C.S.A P.C.Ltd. for any project are non - refundable.
  • (10)All Rights reserved by the company.